You can either improve existing refutations or add your own! Proceed to the myths list

Other ways to contribute:

  • Summarize current refutations (each myth should eventually have a summarized and an extended refutation).
  • Add links to references, studies, polls, reports, statistics, ..etc
  • Re-format existing responses and highlight main points.
  • Verify quotes, dates, numbers, ..etc and point out any mistakes or controversial references.
  • Add relevant quotes of Israeli and Zionist leaders.
  • Add new myths
  • Come up with questions and analogies the reader can relate to. You can also add them in a stand-alone section at the end of the article. For example:
"What if the US constitution stated that....?"
"What if  _insert minority group_ decided to...?."

Note: It's perfectly fine to post random or unorganized thoughts, ideas, notes, suggestions, ..etc  There are no rules or guidelines at the moment, so don't worry much and start editing!


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